Athwart is currently working on a symposium entitled "Toward a Just Political Economy."

We hope to present many divergent views of how to develop a just political economy—we intend this to be a collection wherein views overlap, conflict, and synthesize a holistic vision rather than advancing a set of policy proposals. One major aspect of this will be methodological, we are seeking historical, theological, and financial approaches to economic problems. Our goal with this project is to develop a cohesive set of criticism and proposals for reform. This is not developing policy proposals but more construction of a mood or framework for how to conceptualize policy. We believe that there has been little mainstream debate about the fundamental elements of political economy, which are important to address and develop. Indeed, political economy is a strange term and perhaps social economy may be more apt—we are interested in the economic relationships among community actors largely outside of what is popularly described as “political.”

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